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Wipes Clog Pipes!


On New Years Day, our Public Works Department was called out to clear a sewer main that had clogged so badly that it backed up into the First Baptist Church and flooded the building.  When the crew finally got the line cleared, it was discovered that it had been plugged with a tremendous amount of baby wipes.  These wipes may say flushable on the container but they are NOT biodegradable and back up in the sewer system.  Please, DO NOT flush baby wipes. 

Our crew has had numerous call-outs on backed up mains the months of November and December and are still working this week to try to clear mains.  Just some of the items that we have found in the mains that are causing clogs are baby wipes/disinfecting wipes, paper towels, mop refills, bottles, syringes, tampons, sanitary napkins, diapers, rags, and grease.  PLEASE,  dispose of these items in a trash can and do not flush them down the toilet.  If they happen to make it to the wastwater plant, they cause problems there as well.

Thank you.