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City Dumpsters Are For Bagged Household Trash


Just a reminder....the City dumpsters are ONLY for bagged HOUSEHOLD trash and small brush or limbs.  Please DO NOT place the following items in the dumpster.  If the following items are placed in the dumpsters, the dumpster will not be emptied until the item(s) are removed.

ITEMS NOT ALLOWED IN DUMPSTERS:  Metal, furniture, hot ashes or coals, refrigerators or freezers, AC units, anything containing freon, railroad ties, lumber, tires, batteries, paint, liquids, hazardous chemicals, chain link, barb, wire, cable, propane or any kind of tank, dirt, concrete, rocks, shingles, swimming pool liners or frames, bowling balls, motors.

These items can damage our truck, and some are NOT allowed to be dumped in the landfill.  If you have numerous items or limbs, the City has a trash trailer available to rent. Contact City Hall for details.  

Please be courteous and do not fill other residents dumpsters with a large quantity of items. 

We appreciate your cooperation.