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Statement By City


The City has issued a statement authorized by the Mayor and reviewed by the City Attorney regarding the dispatch of Marshal Gray to the Franks residence on 4/15/2024.  The statement may be read here:

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Lefors Code of Ordinances Updated to Allow Viewing of Original Ordinance


The City is excited to announce an update to our Code of Ordinances that will greatly benefit residents.  Our online code of ordinances now has links within the code that will allow you to view the original ordinance in its entirety.  Also, Appendix B is an Ordinance Disposition Table.  The link to our Code is centered at the top of the City website.  Check it out!

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2024 City General Election Cancelled


The 2024 City general election for a Mayor, two Council members, and three Cemetery Committee members has been cancelled.  All the incumbents filed and they had no opponents.  The certification may be seen at the link below:  

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Large Expenses Associated With Ongoing Wildfires


The City is extremely grateful for our Volunteer Fire Department and all the hours they have put in to protect not only our community, but other communities and properties as well.  They have spent countless hours the last few days fighting the fires.  Fighting the fires we have had the last two days is rough not only on the firefighters, but also on the equipment.  There is constant maintenance needed for the equipment to ensure that it is safe and working properly and that maintenance can be expensive.  If you would like to donate to the Fire Department, City Hall has a donation box for monetary donations, and a Venmo account has been set up.  The Venmo link is below.

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Web Address For Reporting Compliments or Complaints Regarding Post Office


Have you ever needed to compliment a worker at our Post Office, or to file a complaint on one, and couldn't get any answers of how to do that?  Here  is a link that you can use : 

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City Dumpsters Are For Bagged Household Trash


Just a reminder....the City dumpsters are ONLY for bagged HOUSEHOLD trash and small brush or limbs.  Please DO NOT place the following items in the dumpster.  If the following items are placed in the dumpsters, the dumpster will not be emptied until the item(s) are removed.

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Book Exchange at City Hall


Do you like to read?  Have books lying around that you've read and not sure what to do with?  Check out the book exchange at City Hall!  Bring a book you've read and swap it for a book off our shelf.  It's that simple!  

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Who's Responsible For Mowing The Alley?


We have had a lot of questions regarding who is responsible for mowing the alleys and keeping them junk free.  A section from our Code of Ordinances, which may be found at , has been included below.

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Need Help with City Services Schedule?


When is my City bill is due? Is there a place in town to haul limbs? Are we under a burn ban? Don't see the information you need? Give us a call, we will gladly assist you.  To contact us after hours regarding a City emergency, call 806-661-8350.  For medical emergencies, dial 911.

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